Salmon Homeland Security Services is a unique remote video monitoring service provider

Can you believe that remote CCTV surveillance can offer lot more than just monitoring your premises for theft prevention. Want to know how you can be anywhere you want and still be able to improve your employee performance, avoid pilferage, and even improve the customer experience..

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Who we are

Salmon group is a fast growing conglomerate operating in the field of retail,travel and tourism, food production and CCTV surveillance. It’s retail division is spread over 14 outlets across 8 cities and 2 states and reaches out to over 1.5 lakh people per month. The group today is synonymous with providing quality and trust worthy products and services.The CCTV surveillance business is youngest and fastest growing division in the group and caters to clients across India.

Our Beliefs

We know any businessman values his time and effort. We want you to run your business and not the other way round. So we take out all the hurdles from your day to day operations. Thus giving you the freedom to grow your business, start a new one or may be take that vacation with your loved one!

Our services know of no boundaries and industry verticals. For that matter we even make your home more secure; when you live in or when you don’t. Our services are mandate driven and are thus focused around you and your needs only.

What We do

We offer one of its kind service which go beyond just installing CCTV system on your premises. We will survey your facility to provide most effective and optimum use of video monitoring. We will help you to develop strategies and process which enable us to effectively monitor one or more of your locations irrespective of geographies. We show you how to manage and improve employee performance as well as your customers performance

Who We Serve

Some of the industry verticals that we are present  in are

Retail: Supermarket, Restaurants and QSR, Ice cream parlours, Coffee Shops, Pharmacies, Apparel Stores etc.

Residential: Gated Communities, Individual Housing

Others: Schools, factory sheds, Warehouses, offices

If you put a camera on the moon and enable it with a broad band connection, we could even watch it for you!