Video Monitoring: Remote Video Monitoring as Service

The Traditional Video Monitoring in India

Traditionally small and medium sized shop owners have been using video monitoring to keep check on the following:

  • Shop lifting
  • Pilferage of stock 
  • Keep a watch on their employees

This is usually done by internal security personnel who monitor the video screens located somewhere at the same facility. For the smaller shops it is usually the owner who is looking at a screen and also managing the cash register at the same time.

The Challenges of Self Video Monitoring

When you have a people monitoring other people who work at the same place it is hard to ensure integrity. The security people may  get along with the other staff to work against the business and you. Also there are other challenges trying to manage the whole surveillance and video monitoring yourself. Here are just a few which you may relate to:

  • It is hard to trust integrity of the staff who is monitoring
  • You have to hire and train skilled people to do the video monitoring, and also deal with the attrition
  • Closed hours may not be monitored for break-in unless you keep staff on duty , adding cost
  • If you are a small shop owner trying to monitor and serve the customers at same time, you will loose focus on one or both 
  • You may be not skilled at doing this task, after all you expertise lies in running your business and not doing video surveillance

So how do we ensure our business location is free of theft and pilferage, our employees do their job and yet not have to deal with all the technical and cost challenges of running the video monitoring ourselves.


Smart Video Monitoring: Video Monitoring as a Service

Welcome to the next generation of video monitoring. We at Salmon Homeland Security Services have reinvented the operational model for video surveillance. We offer video surveillance as a service. You can order video monitoring just like any other product. We will do the site analysis to suggest strategies for video monitoring and how and where to locate them. We assist you to get them online so that we can watch them remotely. The advantages of this system are amazing:

  • You are at peace of mind as you get the professional assistance to ensure effective and efficient coverage of your facility
  • You don’t have to worry about your employee’s integrity to ensure capturing any non-conformity
  • You could probably fire your security guard if he is not adding any value other than just opening the door
  • You can customize what you want us to watch and report
  • You can now manage your employee  and ensure they behave the way they should even when you are away
  • You can see how your customer experience is affected and improve it

These are just few advantages of remote video monitoring as a service. Various clients have modified and used this service to improve and grow their business. If you can worry less about your current business and don’t have to micro manage each employee, imagine what you can do with that spare time.

Consultation-Risk Assesment

We will review your facility and inform you the best strategy to manage your facility. We will give you complete details about what type and how many cameras are required to effectively monitor your facility. This also involves understanding deeper “needs” in terms of what are the areas of concern, identifying broad band plans for the services, etc.

Kickstart Consultation Process


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